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I started my company in 1994 to follow a lifelong dream: to create a video collection titled “View from the Inside,” which I hoped would help people better understand the feelings and experiences of others.  

Eventually, I added “Family Treasures,” a video recording business for people who want to preserve their life stories.  

Today, I am also focusing on one of my earlier passions: my poetry and other writings, in a collection titled “Reflections,” which you see below.

You will find additional poems (and in some cases, the stories behind them) in the “More Poetry, etc.” tab.   

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Reflections . . . 

A Poetry Collection by Sandra Martin



Do you see me?

Do you hear me?

I stand before you, pleading silently,

“See me!”

“Hear me!”

Look beyond the many costumes I try on,

including but not limited to:

piercings, inks, purple hair, cropped hair, or no hair at all,

for they are not me...

rather only the armour I wrap myself in...

...as I face the world, trying to find the best way to live in it,

...as I face you, turning this way and that in front of you,

trying desperately to see only my reflection in your eyes,

and not your judgment.

At rare moments your curiosity may cause you to hesitate...


More often, your careless glance leaves me no time to yell, “Wait! Don't be fooled!

This is only a disguise I wear...”

and before I can shed it, you turn,

you walk away...

never getting to see the real me,

hiding deep inside.