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I started my company in 1994 to follow a lifelong dream: to create a video collection titled “View from the Inside,” which I hoped would help people better understand the feelings and experiences of others.  

Eventually, I added “Family Treasures,” a video recording business for people who want to preserve their life stories.  

Today, I am also focusing on one of my earlier passions: my poetry and other writings, in a collection titled “Reflections,” which you see below.

You will find additional poems (and in some cases, the stories behind them) in the “More Poetry, etc.” tab.   

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Reflections . . .

A Poetry Collection by Sandra Martin


The Train

Life is a train,

chugging along...

first slowly,

then picking up speed,

as it snakes its way along,

passengers sharing their journey...

some with resignation,

some with joy,

never seeing around the next bend,

but needing, however blindly, to trust the path.

So on they go, their tickets dearly paid for with their tears...

some achingly aware,

some blissfully not,

that their destination will one day come...

all too soon.