Our Human Connection


Have you ever looked at someone of another culture, race, or background and noticed only the "differences" between you? Or instantly assumed that person could never share or understand your particular life experience and feelings? 

This project will explore what it means to be human...and how we experience our lives. But more importantly, it will help us truly understand that, regardless of our vast individual differences, we all share a bond....an undeniable and powerful bond that connects us to one another throughout our lives. 

Main Components of Project:
This video recording will consist of a series of identical questions asked to many different people...people of all ages, backgrounds, education, economic status, ethnic cultures, races, religions, political status, and geographical location. The questions will be designed to reveal our deepest thoughts and emotions about our human experience. Participants will be as diverse as possible, so they truly represent a significant, if small, sampling of society. 

Main Goal of Project:
I have been passionately committed to creating this project for many years, motivated by my unshakeable belief that once we truly recognize our human connection, we will be better able to understand and support our fellow travelers on this life journey we all share. 

Resources Needed: 
* Financial contributions, or in-kind donations, for pre- and post-production    costs
* Social networking support, such as preparing a Kickstarter proposal
* Class project support
* Interviewee referrals
* Language translation


The Stigma of Depression


In the words of someone who has experienced depression for many years, 

“The stigma of having a mental illness is harder to deal with than the disease itself.”

My proposed documentary will focus on this stigma, rather than other aspects of the disease, because the effects of stigma are so devastating.  It is stigma that: 

  • prevents or delays people from seeking help, often resulting in unnecessary suicides 
  • stifles funding for services and research 
  • closes minds and fuels discrimination 

This video will accomplish the following objectives:

  • Increase understanding, challenge stereotypical attitudes, and reduce the fear and stigma associated with mental illness 
  • Teach those who are depressed how to recognize symptoms and seek early treatment
  • Teach family members how to best help their loved one, while maintaining their own mental well being 
  • Emphasize the need for health care professionals to bring up the possibility of depression with their patients, particularly elderly patients, who are often misdiagnosed and left untreated
  • Provide specific guidelines on how to initiate and discuss sensitive issues with patients  
  • Help those who are depressed realize that they are not alone
  • Provide spiritual support to depressed people and their loved ones

By shedding light on stigma, this video can truly make a difference in how we actually perceive mental illness and those affected by it, so that they will be able to come out of the darkness of “the black hole,” and into the light of recovery.