Welcome to Sandra Martin Productions!

I started my company in 1994 to follow a life-long dream:  to create a video collection which would help people better understand the feelings and experiences of others, and through that understanding, to become more supportive of one another.

The collection, known as "View from the Inside," consists of six documentaries, on the topics of physical disabilities, aging, Alzheimer's disease, death and dying and grieving.  (Select "View from the Inside" tab to see video clips and to purchase).

Family Treasures

Today, my company also includes "Family Treasures," which provides personal, professional assistance to people who want to preserve their life stories.  We create a video recording of the highlights of your life...a unique production that your loved ones will share and treasure for years to come.  (Select "Family Treasures" tab to see a sample life story and for further information).

Our Human Connection
My most recent video project, "Our Human Connection," will explore what it means to be human...and how we experience our lives.  More importantly, it will help viewers truly understand that, regardless of our vast individual differences, we all share a bond...an undeniable and powerful bond that connects us to one another throughout our lives.
My goal for this project is to help people recognize their connection to each other, so that those who appear "different" may be better understood and accepted, and so that we can better support our fellow travelers on this life journey we all share.  (Select "Our Human Connection" tab for further information).

View from the Inside

Perhaps the mission of my company can best be understood by its' logo, the inner facets of a kaleidoscope, which symbolize these recurring themes:

  • We are like bits and pieces in a kaleidoscope – uniquely individual, yet all interconnected, each a part of the whole.
  • When life’s twists and turns change one of us, we all are changed.
  • Like the mirror images in a kaleidoscope, each part of the life cycle reflects and enhances its counterpart.
And, it symbolizes our most fundamental concept:
  • People are like kaleidoscopes . . . they can only be truly seen when viewed from the inside.

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