"Family Treasures" provides personal professional assistance to people who want to preserve their life stories. We create a video recording of the highlights of your life, told by the only person who can tell it: YOU! You are the narrarator, director and star of your own personal movie... a unique production that your family will share and treasure for years to come.

Why Tell Your Life Story?

"A story is like a star. It is born in the past, illuminates the present, and will shine in the future." - J.R. Carroll

How many times have you remembered only fragments on a story told by a grandparent or parent and wished you had written it down? Or longed to hear the sound, once again, of a loved one's voice, hear their laughter, see them smile?

The stories of our families' dreams, struggles, values and beliefs are rich pieces of our history, essential to our understanding of them, and ultimately, of ourselves. How can we truly know who we are without fully understanding who came before us? 

The threads that make up our heritage... from significant events down to the smallest details... form a unique tapestry, one that is ours and ours alone. Our stories need to be captured, shared and passed down from generation to generation.

Telling your story keeps your spirit alive, keeps you connected to your loved ones, and preserves your precious heritage. It is a priceless gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Our Process

Our process begins with a free consultation in your home or office, where we will discuss the goals and scope of the project, and together, create a "blueprint" of question areas. Once we have established those criteria, we will provide you with an all-inclusive price for your project. Though each project is uniquely planned to fit the needs of our clients, our process typically involves these basic steps:

  • We guide our clients through the recording process in a friendly, relaxed way, so they feel comfortable and can enjoy the experience. The interviews, a series of two 1-2 hour on-camera sessions, are conducted several days apart; the first covers the question areas you selected in our initial meeting, the second expands on those areas and includes any previously-forgotten details.
  • The interview is then carefully  reviewed and selected portions are loaded into the latest digital editing system.
  • Original photos, graphics and other memorabilia are scanned in, cropped and color-corrected to achieve high-quality restoration.
  • Professional music scores are added from our extensive library, or we can incorporate any special music you provide.
  • The completed production, usually about 30 minutes in length, is made into a high quality DVD recording, imprinted with a photo and title, and presented to you in a keepsake case.


In the Words of a "Family Treasures" Client:

"The experience of narrating the highlights from my life was fun and challenging. Seeing the final outcome on the DVD was certainly affirming and it made me proud. I've had many compliments from family and friends who have seen the DVD. It proved to be a good discussion tool and energized others to make their own DVDs. It has provided a wonderful legacy for my family."

Provide a wonderful and lasting legacy for YOUR family! Without your stories, a precious link between your past and future generations will be lost forever. Let "Family Treasures" be the bridge that connects you with your loved ones for years to come.